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Point to Polygon Conversion, Points out of Order

01-23-2020 11:16 AM
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I have created a shapefile containing 67,000 points that outline the banks of a river, I made this in order to create a TIN because each one of these points represents depths of 0 and along with other depth recording creates a rough bathymetric map. Now that I have created the TIN, I wanted to convert the point shapefile into a polygon, to do so I used the point to polygon tool in ET Geowizards. Unfortunately before making the points I did not realize that ET Geowizards connects the points to make the polygon in the order they were created, and I went back and forth in different areas while making the points. This has resulted in a polygon that is broken up and connected to different parts instead of representing the river. Is there anyway to re order or fix the polygon without having to manually recreate all 67,000 points in order again? I have attached pictures to hopefully clarify what my issue is, I can explain in further detail if you guys have any questions.


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Hey Ryan,

Using ArcGIS Pro, you can use the Points to Line tool.  There's a parameter to choose a field to process the points in the order you wish.  After you have the lines created, you can use the Feature to Polygon tool.

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Do you have a centreline for the channel? You could then use linear referencing to measure along the length for left bank and right bank points, this measure would become the sort by order field to create your left line and right light then it is a simple matter of enclosing it.

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