Need Help/Advice: Creating a heat map using overlapping polygons as a source?

09-17-2020 09:52 AM
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Hey all!

I'm seeking help/advice regarding heat maps and the process of creating one using overlapping polygons. Essentially, I have data that looks like a scribbled mess. However, this is just a compilation from different sources of areas that have been used with the goal to show areas that have higher use to be more "hot" and vice versa. I feel one of the best ways to display this data and have it be meaningful is through a heat map, but I'm unsure how to create one with overlapping poylgons.

Essentially, I'm thinking of something like having overlapping areas sum together so that areas with more overlap will therefore have a greater sum as compared to areas with lesser overlap, and a heat map could be made from that.

However, I've never done this before and I have no idea if this is even the best way to go about things. Below is a screenshot of what some of the data looks like. As mentioned, it looks like a scirbbled mess but if there's a way to generate a heat map from that, that would be amazing. If a heatmap were to be created from this subset, something like the SW corner would be the "hottest", the upper middle section would be the "coldest" and the upper north corners would be around the middle.

I have ideas of how I'd want it to look but I'm just not entirely sure how to go about creating this! Overlapping areas? Intersecting vertices? Converting to a raster?

Any advice/help/guides are greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.


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