Map routes with start/end coordinates over time

12-11-2012 07:19 AM
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I want to map Taxi Cab Movement over the course of some time period in New York City. For a given cab I have Longitude, Lattitude and the date of each passenger-pickup and passenger drop-off, i.e.
Cab A     Start_Lat: 40.6925, Start_Lon: 74.1686 Start_Time: 12/11/12 11:40:23 End_Lat: ... End_Lon: ... End_Time:...
Cab A     (second trip)
Cab B    ...

1.) How would I do this (I am a complete beginner with GIS Desktop unfortunately)? If drawing different sections of the entire (discontinuous) path of a cab is too difficult, then just mapping the entire time period at once would be fine too (i.e. no time series)
2.) Since I have a lot of data, I doubt that I can map all cabs (there are about 40,000) over the whole time-period (1 year), since there are about 180 million data points. I was thinking about mapping movement for just 1 day. What are Arc GIS Desktop's Limitations?
3.) How can I get a New York City Map, which includes GPS data?
4.) What would be a good visualization? Since 90% of all cab rides start in New York, using different colors for different densities seems to make more sense than using differently thick lines.

Thank you very much for any help!


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