Help with merging rows in an attribute table

03-04-2015 05:42 PM
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Hey guys,

I'm pretty stuck right now. I have four different ID values in the attribute (A-D), and within each ID value, there are several of the same sum value, such as Value A has an area of 626.33 square feet, and this will show up numerous times in the table, but I just want it once. If that explanation wasn't terrible enough, let me show you what I'm workin with..




I just one one A row, one B row, etc.



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Hi Thomas

Have you try to summarize the LeaseID's field?

It would work to summary each of ID (A,B,C,D,etc)


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If it's a polygon have tried dissolving it to fields a,b,c,d

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Hi Thomas,

Given the Table above there are a few options on how to proceed. Some of these Options depend on where you are storing your information, others on the purpose for the dataset. Here is a quick rundown

  1. (as suggested by anggi) Summarise or dissolve your data
    1. this will mean that where you have a single feature that is adjacent to another of the same value then it will aggregate the feature into one
    2. alternatively if you have 2 features of same value not adjacent or touching, it will create a single multi part feature
  2. if you do not want multi part polygons You could normalise your table
    1. if being used for editing will require a relationship class
    2. if being used for display an In ArcMap Join will suffice

The how to's of this will follow if you can work out how you wish to proceed.

Have a great day,


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