Geocoding sub-addresses

02-09-2022 06:57 AM
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ArcGIS Pro 2.9 Map tab-->Locate Tool-->Search

The issue is the Locator will not return results for an address with sub units (e.g. 123 Main Street Apt 1). It only returns one choice for the primary address.  I have created a geocoding locator as a PointAddress Role and input all parsed fields including Unit, Building, Level in addition to Prefix, Name, Type, etc.

According to Primary locator roles, or Tips for improving geocoding quality, for field mapping, I can either reference a Unit field or I can reference the same Unit field for From/To where both the values are the same.

I have also enabled sub-address suggestions in my Locator properties Suggestions for partial subaddresses.

Here is what I expect the results to be where in this example they actually use a keyword Unit, but I don't believe that is even necessary.  Using type ahead, 3700 Dean Dr. should return all the choices.



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