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Generate Near Table

04-20-2015 05:52 PM
New Contributor II

Tries to generate a near table for a point shapefile to a polyline shapefile as shown in the picture. No near points or distances are returned - the table is empty. Any ideas? Running 10.3.

Near Input Shapefiles.png

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Are you trying to get the distance to the selected feature shown in your screenshot? Is it definitely closer than the 1000 meter search radius you specified? What happens if you leave the search radius off?

New Contributor II

Yes, yes, and the same thing.

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Try switching the inputs, so the near features are the points and the input features are the shorelines.

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And the two files are in the same coordinate system? (not going by visual due to projection-on-the-fly...and I noticed the word latitude in the first image and you are using planar method)