Calculating locations from times along route (with varying interval and speed)

11-14-2014 12:01 PM
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Hello everyone.

I have a marine, GPS-derived route or track made from points every few minutes however, the recording interval varies as does the vessel speed.  The track is several days long.

Attached to the vessel was a device which has logged information at very irregular intervals, but I do have the times the device recorded data.  There are several dozen of these times.

I am trying to work out where each piece of logged data was recorded.  Can anyone offer assistance?  I'm using 10.2.


(I have created a common timestamp t0 to t+x (in minutes) for each of the data sets (tx for vessel and ty for attached device) and think that linear referencing might be the answer, but cannot get the tx values into M-values for the vessel.  I'm also unsure how to calculate the location of the vessel at other ty times).


I hope this is clear to someone!


Much obliged, Stephen

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I suppose you would have to create a line from the GPS locations using the Points To Line tool (in Data Management Tools/Features). Next you would probably have to create a route (Linear Referencing Tools/Create Routes) using the time as measurements, followed by Make Route Event Layer (also in Linear Referencing Tools) to convert your samples to locations. Your samples should have the same unit of measurement (time, in seconds or minutes?) to make it work.

I myself, would probably use some Python coding to make it work...

Kind regards, Xander

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