Autopopulate a field in a feature class when created

08-22-2014 07:51 AM
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Hello all,


I have a question that I hope you can shed some light on for me.  This is my scenario:


I have a point layer feature class (in a .mdb) with a field in it named ID_NAME.  This field needs an unique value in it and cannot be a duplicate to any other existing features.  I'm looking to see if there is anything that I can do to accomplish this task.


I attached a screenshot to better explain what I am talking about.  As you can see, the "largest" value in this table is "PI.2014.314".  What I am looking for is that the next point I manually add in would automatically insert "PI.2014.315" in this field without me having to type this in.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance!Autopopulate.PNG

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Have you tried using the AttributeAssistant tools that Esri has?  They can be found within the Water Utility Network Editing download found here.  You will get a sample geodatabase and map document.  We only use the Attribute Assistant add-in, which can be used to automate all kinds of editing tasks...not just utility data.

You will need to install the AttributeAssistant add-in and copy in the DynamicValue and GenerateId tables found within the sample geodatabase.  Rules are built within the DynamicValue and GenerateId tables and there are examples within the downloaded data which you can use for reference, as well as the links below.

I think for what you're after, you'll want to read up on the GENERATE_ID method within the DynamicValue table.

Attribute Assistant rules:

Dynamic Value table:

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Great.  Thanks for the information Matt.  This is exactly what I needed.

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