Assign shapefile attributes to another shapefile

09-16-2014 05:20 AM
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I have two roadnetwork shapefiles which represent the same roadnetwork but are acquired with different methodes and therefore are not on top each other.

One Network has Information about the road pavement (coloured shapefile) and I want this Information to be on the other road Network (red shapefile). Is there a Methode on how to do so? A buffer or nearest neighbours does not work because the road intersections will get wrong pavements (see attached Picture)



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Do they have unique ID's that you could use to join them?

The only thing you could do is a spatial join ArcGIS Desktop  and fix wherever it didn't join right.

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I had a similar problem a year or so ago, and was ableto create a unique id this way:

Both feature classes had a core set od attributes such address ranges, prefix direction, street name, street type.  I simply concatenated them into one field called it of all things JoinId.  It worked very well for me as both feature classes were up to date in edits.


That should just about do it....
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One possible solution is linear referencing.

  • Create a route feature class ArcGIS Help 10.1 from your reference shape file, use length as measure source. If you have a unique ID then use it as route id field, else use object id.
  • Locate features along routes using the other shape file and route feature class, use a tolerance which account for your deviation. ArcGIS Help 10.1
  • Join the event table created with your original feature class on the unique field and route identifier field in event table.
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Not sure how the geometry of the roads networks but you could try running an intersect on the  lines and make your out put a point file. The point file will have both your attributes of the roads where they intersect, but now you can use that point file do a spatial join from the points dataset to the road network that you want to append the new attributes. You may have to weed out some duplicate points / redundant points but it may be worth a shot.