Append Annotation to Feature Class Tool Creates Duplicate Fields and Anno Classes

04-23-2012 06:58 AM
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Why does the append annotation to feature class tool create duplicate fields and annotation classes? When I run it multiple times using the same input dataset, it creates the same fields over and over in the output feature class.

I end up with attribute fields like: AppID, AppID_1, AppID_2

And Annotation Classes like: PLAT, Annotation1_PLAT, Annotation1_PLAT_1

I would like to have one set of fields and one set of Annotation Classes that each append process just adds records to.

Any help would be apprecieated.
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If it helps any you are not alone.  I am talking with Esri tomorrow and will let you know what they advise.  We are not getting duplicate columns but are getting duplicate annotation classes within the annotation feature class when appending, exactly as you describe.

Jean Johnson
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