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spatail join with kriging output???

05-09-2012 06:52 AM
New Contributor

I have a large set of points that I kriged into a "surface" using the geostatistical wizard and ordinary kriging.  I also have a point shapefile at which I want to find out the values of that kriged surface at those points.

I thought a spatial join would do this, but my kriged surface isn't showing up in any of the pull downs for spatial joins.  I tried exporting the kriging as a raster, but it still doesn't seem to work properly. 

Any thoughts?

Thanks so much!

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Esri Regular Contributor
You have a few options.
#1 Directly on the geostatistical layer
- right click the geostat layer then Validation/Prediction, or
- directly use the GALayerToPoints tool

#2 Once you've exported the geostat layer to raster, then use any of the following geoprocessing tools
- ExtractValuesToPoints

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