Append and keep all fields without lifting a finger

03-30-2021 04:41 PM
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Hi, I'm looking for a way of merging to feature layers, without creating a new layer. append would be nice to use, but it requires that we create fields in the target dataset, so we can create field mapping.

Is there a tool I forgot about, or is it simply not possible append layers and merge the fields?

we have a lot of data that we would need to append, and it would make my life so much easier if it was possible.


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Merge Layers tool?

Copies all features from two layers into a new layer. The layers to be combined must contain the same feature types (points, lines, or polygons). You can control how the fields from the input layers are joined and copied.

By default, all of the fields from both inputs will be copied to the output. Optionally, you can choose to modify the fields from the merge layer using the merging attributes options rename, remove, and match.

I know it doesn't exactly meet your requirements, because it does create a new layer, but it's close.

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If you were ambitious you could create a featureclass with all the fields you need as a template for appending and field mapping, using arcpy 

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You only have to do that once, the first time. After that, you have your fields and append does not require using the field maps if you set it to TEST.  If you are dealing with extra fields in some files, you can add fields manually using the Append field map. But I would just try a big merge to get all the fields first, empty the feature, then use append.

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Hi, thank you all for taking the time to reply. It seems that the workflow I wanted, isn't really possible.

However using the map fields, and create new fields at the same time, would be the best solution.

The situation is, that around 50 feature service with basic fields, for integration with a non esri system. Afterwards I'll need to append features to those feature services. I expect those to have a high variety of field names. So I don't think I'll be able to which other fields to add. So for me it would be fastest just to have the fields transfered automatically to the feature service.

If this will be to much work adding the prober fields manually, I guess I would use python to add fields from another layer, before going through the append.


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