ArcGIS Pro Generate Service Areas Tool Network Layer Source

03-31-2021 09:00 AM
by Anonymous User
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What default network layer does the ArcGIS Pro Generate Service Areas tool use? Is the layer available anywhere to be used apart from the tool in Pro or ArcMap Desktop?


I have been using the  Generate Service Areas tool in ArcMap Desktop with the input network layer that I created using a North Carolina road layer with distance and drive time information. The resulting service area layer seemed inaccurate so I attempted to run the same process in ArcGIS Pro using the Generate Service Areas tool. This result seems more accurate, so I was wondering what the default network layer is used for this process/if it is available for me to use in ArcMap Desktop. (I would prefer to use ArcMap because I have created custom geoprocessing tools that work in ArcMap and would have to make alterations to the code for it to work in Pro)

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