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Aggregate points or lines within ArcMap

11-16-2017 02:36 PM
New Contributor

I have a Collector application that will allow many users to go to the field to collect points and lines. They will most likely collect many of the same pionts and lines. The points may be up to 500 feet off.  The lines should be on top of each other (road status). What Toolbox tools will allow me to easily aggregate / sort out the duplicate data. Ultimately there will be only one point (eg landslide location) or one road line.  Thx!

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You mentioned Aggregate points within your title, which is what I would suggest.  Have your ruled it out?

Esri Esteemed Contributor

Is there any attribute being collected that might help to distinguish different landslide locations and road status lines?

The option Dan provides might be interesting, but will create polygons from the points (but you could convert the polygons to a single label point for instance).

I think the options you may have will become clearer if we can see the data that has been or is being collected.