How to joint data from another layer based on spatial location for Point feature & Line feature?

09-30-2017 12:07 AM
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Hi Friends,

Attached here Incremental architectural Interior space gdb & Ground floor Telephone data gdb.
I want update the GIS_SPACEID & CAD_Design_RoomID field based on the location for point feature & line feature.
Example see the image.
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There are spatial joins... and attribute joins and relates...  

Without having to open the *.rar files, which one are you trying to accomplish?

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I think you will have to provide a little more explanation. There are multiple featureclasses in the 2 file geodatabases that you provided. From your screenshot I can derive that you want to update the fc COM_Box, but with which other featureclass? Is it InteriorSpace perhaps?

A thing to keep in mind is that the information has floors. So polygons overlap at the locations of the points and therefore a point will fall in multiple polygons and could receive multiple different ID's: See a 3D shot of a small part of the data. The black points have been extruded to show the effect and only the 1st to the 6th floor has been visualized:

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Just had another look. Since both layers (if the ones I mentioned are the ones you mean) have a Floor ID and this ID could be used to identify the polygon from which the ID should be extracted to update the points featureclass. This would require some scripting.

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