Meetup "The Beauty of Maps"

06-30-2017 06:23 AM
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Last Wednesday we have been hosting our second GeoDev meetup in Munich this year. Topic this time was "The Beauty of Maps". We were super excited to have the following great talks. You can find the slides and recordings below.

Keni Han - Calorie Map of Neuschwanstein

The region around Schloss Neuschwanstein is very popular for hiking, while the current map given to tourists is very basic and limited in hiking information. This project aims at creating a map where users can obtain a vivid perspective of how many calories are burnt by taking a particular hiking trail as well as showing users some of the best hiking routes in the area, by using GPS data and Tobler’s Hiking function, and being processed in Esri Software.

Video Link : 3990

Laura Eichler and Christian Haack - The Growth of the Facebook Empire 

In a world where Internet giants take over the virtual world continuously, we propose a scientific visualization, where revenue data and acquisitions are represented by spatial information. For that a company, being Facebook, represents an conquering empire in a fictional environment. To make it more visually appealing for the user and to illustrate the progress over time, the end product resulted in an animation.  

Video Link : 3992

Anna Schwabedal, a.vetteresri-ch-esridist - Can You Feel The Map

For people with a visual handicap there are only a few possibilities to visualize geographic data through maps in order to get a better understanding of the spatial reality. For this reason the idea was born to create a Tactile Atlas of Switzerland, including tactile maps with a national coverage in a scale of 1:100`000 as well as different thematic overview maps in a scale of 1:900`000. The Tactile Atlas gives people with visual impairment access to quality cartography. The atlas shares the sense of place in a new way for those unable to read traditional maps.

Video Link : 3991

Did you like the meetup? Then we have good news: Our next GeoDev meetup will already take place on July 26th  Topic will be "Maps for Everybody". More details are available here. This time, Google Germany will host the meetup, so for a little change, we will meet at their office (Erika-Mann-Str. 33, München). There are only limited seats, so hurry up and RSVP quickly.

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