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32-bit and 64-bit SQL Server clients for ArcGIS

09-15-2017 09:32 AM
Occasional Contributor

Looking for clarification and advise on this ESRI documentation: 

Database clients—Help | ArcGIS Desktop  

It talks about ArcMap or ArcGIS Engine being 32-bit applications and requires a 32-bit client when using clients other than SQL Server.  Then, it looks like if you use SQL Server client on 64-bit machine, it will use that, and if you try and use 32-bit, it will not install.  So will the ArcMap application, that is 32-bit, work connecting to SQL Server on a 64-bit machine?  I might be reading too much into this, but want to be prepared.  


32- vs 64-bit clients

Some ArcGIS clients, such as ArcMap and ArcGIS Engine, are 32-bit applications. If you connect from one of these clients, you must use a 32-bit Informix, ALTIBASE, SAP HANA, Netezza, Oracle, Teradata 14.x, or Dameng database management system client to connect to the database. This is true even if you install the ArcGIS client application on a computer with a 64-bit operating system and the database and server operating system are 64 bit. To connect from 64-bit ArcGIS clients (such as ArcGIS Server or ArcGIS Pro), you must install 64-bit database management system clients.

When installing the SQL Server client, use the 64-bit executable to install on a 64-bit operating system; the executable detects the type of operating system and installs the correct database management system client. If you run the 32-bit executable on a 64-bit operating system, it will fail.

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Esri Frequent Contributor

Just install the SQL Server 64-bit client. It will also install the 32-bit client. I have done this multiple times with no issues connecting with ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Enterprise Server

--- George T.