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ERROR 001333: Unregister as versioned is not supported for a dataset in a feature dataset

09-19-2017 07:34 AM
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Hello - I created an Arcpy script that will unregister a table as versioned, truncate the data, register the data as versioned and then cleans up the data. The data is not stored in a feature dataset nor does one exist in the geodatabase. The script runs fine in Pyscripter but when I add it to a Script Tool in ArcCatalog I get the following error when I run it:

ERROR 001333: Unregister as versioned is not supported for a dataset in a feature dataset

Does anyone have an idea what could be happening? I have searched around but I haven't been able to find anything about this error happening to others.



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Why are you unregistered, then truncating the table, only to registered it?  It kinda defeats the purpose of versioning.  You can truncate a versioned table.

As for the error, it would be helpful to see your script.  Can you post the code or at least the part that is having the problem?  I have seen this error when working with a table that is part of a relationship.  But if it works in pyscripter but not ArcGIS, it is most likely a parameter problem (can't simply use sys.argv, you need to use the arcpy.GetParameter) or a syntax issue.

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Versioned data is not supported for the Truncate tool:

Truncate Table—Help | ArcGIS Desktop 

Versioned data is not supported as input. Data must be unregistered as versioned before the tool will execute successfully.

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You are right.  For versioned tables use the Delete Rows tool.

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I forgot to mention that I have another version of the script that uses the Delete tool and that does not cause an error but it takes a very long time to complete since the table has 318K records and it is growly quickly. I was trying speed the deleting process so I thought I would try Truncate. The script is below. I currently don't have any parameters and have hard coded the workspace in the code. Thanks.

# Import arcpy module
import arcpy, datetime, pymssql
#from arcpy.da import SearchCursor

#connection to the SDE databse
workspace = arcpy.env.workspace = "Database Connections\AutoAssign_Test.sde"

print "Unregister MVIEW as versioned"
arcpy.AddMessage("Unregister MVIEW as versioned")
arcpy.UnregisterAsVersioned_management("dbo.MVIEW", "NO_KEEP_EDIT", "NO_COMPRESS_DEFAULT")
print "Truncate MVIEW"
arcpy.AddMessage("Truncate MVIEW")
print "Register MVIEW as versioned"
arcpy.AddMessage("Register MVIEW as versioned")
arcpy.RegisterAsVersioned_management("dbo.MVIEW", "EDITS_TO_BASE")

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