Trek2There and Collector

11-20-2018 11:57 PM
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I've set up one of my Collector maps so that I can launch Trek2There from a pop-up. Everything launches without any problem. However, the location that Trek2There tries to direct me to is over 400 metres away from the Collector app point that I'm trying to get to.

  • My ArcGIS Online hosted feature layer uses WGS84.
  • The point in the dataset displays as being in the correct location in the Collector app imagery.
  • I've tried sending the coordinates from Collector to Trek2There by using 'ESRIGNSS_LATITUDE' and 'ESRIGNSS_LONGITUDE' fields, as well as using ArcGIS Pro to calculate geometries in separate 'Latitude' and 'Longitude' fields. The values displayed is both sets of fields are identical, and the values used by Trek2There are also the same (albeit rounded to two decimal places).
  • When I'm at the correct location, I've checked my device's compass coordinates and again these are correct.

I'm not sure where I've gone wrong as all of the coordinates used by each app are the same. Trek2There just wants to take me somewhere else.

Has anyone got any suggestions that may help?

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