The Higher Ed Planning Guide to Esri E-Learning is fully updated and has a new link

03-30-2021 01:04 PM
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The fully updated  Higher Ed Planning Guide to Esri E-Learning now has a permanent link that you can bookmark. This link will always point to the most current version of the document. 

A few years ago I created an annotated guide to e-learning as an aid to instructors. At the time, the Esri Academy catalog was beginning to include more ArcGIS Pro web courses, and it was difficult to compare what courses were available for ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro. My Planning Guide was intended to help instructors make this comparison more easily.

After the Spring 2019 guide update, a new curriculum approach was initiated for Esri web courses. Unfortunately, time passed, and updating the Planning Guide turned into a big project!

At this point, the Esri Academy curriculum has settled down a bit, and the Planning Guide update is complete. The document is organized according to major functional areas, with subsections for ArcGIS Online ArcGIS Pro, and ArcMap. Each entry has a brief description of the course content, and a link to the course's Catalog page on Esri Academy.

Before assigning a course, you should always check the online Catalog course software requirements to make sure that the course is available for the software version your students will be using. Additional software may be required, such as extensions or apps.

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