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06-23-2020 09:16 AM
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This 'blog' post will be a continually evolving resource to assist education customers with their planning, preparation, and response to Covid-19. Esri has pushed out a wide array of resources that include ArcGIS Solutions, products, data, product configurations, etc and this blog will attempt to reference any relevant content.

If you have questions - or feedback - please feel free to reach out to me directly, or to the Education team as a whole: Brian Baldwin ( Or, place comments/feedback in the comments below.

General Resources

Esri Covid-19 Solution TemplatesSolution TemplateGallery listing all of the '1-click' solution template configurations

Proximity Analysis

Location Tracking Best PracticesWhitepaperCovers user privacy controls, privacy considerations

Space Management/Reallocation

Need to quickly and efficiently reallocate offices and classrooms based on social distancing measures

Facility Mapping Solutions for Covid-19 ResponseWhitepaperProvides a 'roadmap' for customers to deploy facility mapping and lists out common workflows pertinent to Covid-19.
Facility Mapping in Response to Covid-19BlogDescribes how Indoors could be applied to meet common Covid-19 workflows, in a ramped approach. INCLUDES INDOORS DATA MODEL

Event Planning

Ability to plan and manage one-time or recurring events with spatial context.

Event Planing SolutionSolution TemplateConfigurable solution provided by Esri that allows users to quickly plan for events, manage these plans, and use them during the event operation.

Contact Tracing

Ability to understand and track the potential spread of Covid-19 at the individual level

Place-based Contact TracingBlogDescribes the way that customers could deploy link charts and link analysis, as well as Survey123

Community Contact Tracing - demonstration

VideoDemonstration of the community contact tracing workflow

Community Contact Tracing - blog

BlogIntroduction to community contact tracing, tools available, and how to utilize

Staff/Student Wellness Reporting

The need to provide a health self-reporting solution to staff and students

Business ContinuitySolution TemplateIncludes a 'wellness reporting' workflow that utilizes Survey123 and Dashboard
Health ScreeningSolution TemplateHealth screening application for visitors and employees, also includes a dashboard


Process of tracking and managing the schedule of room cleaning/sanitation

Coronavirus Site SafetySolution TemplateProvides the ability to build out facility plans and then use these plans in operations with capacity counts, cleaning, etc.
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Brian works as a Lead Engineer at Esri to support customers in Education. Brian has worked as a lecturer in GIS, supported non-profits through his community planning work, and honestly just loves working with users to help solve their geospatial quandaries!