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National Geographic MapMaker Resources for K12 Curriculum

08-02-2023 09:36 AM
Esri Contributor
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Esri and National Geographic recently launched National Geographic MapMaker, a tool designed to support educators in the creation of lessons to advance students’ spatial thinking skills and develop knowledge about the world by exploring interactive maps. The Esri education team has compiled resources, helpful tips, and more on our new National Geographic MapMaker webpage.



This tool empowers K12 educators with the foundational skills to teach maps and data to students, in an easily digestible way – even without a complete understanding of geographic information systems (GIS)!

Introducing National Geographic MapMaker


MapMaker equips teachers and learners with carefully curated standards-focused, National Geographic Explorer-inspired maps, data, and activities for many subjects and grade levels. Designed specifically for teachers and students, MapMaker is free, runs on lightweight devices such as tablets and laptops, and the best part? MapMaker does not require a login!



A new way to teach and learn with maps


MapMaker supports student learning with high-quality, curated map content, powerful mapping tools, and teacher support. It delivers a creative new approach to teaching with maps that inspires students and develops their knowledge of the world. Here’s how:

  • Exploring the world with 2D and 3D maps allows you to enhance your teaching with a rich collection of detailed maps and data.
  • Uncovering patterns and relationships to understand ‘What’s where? Why there? What does it mean?’ and help students ask and answer the right questions using simple geographic tools.
  • Incorporating maps into your current lessons by adding map links to documents, slides, and other learning environments. You can easily save maps as images or PDFs to include in papers, presentations, or other apps!
  • Customizing your maps has never been easier. MapMaker allows you to sketch directly onto a map and add new map layers with ease.

Resources to Get Started


We have compiled unique resources to help you get started. Find standards-based lessons and other creative ideas for teaching with MapMaker across a wide range of curricular areas. These simple activities can be added to your teaching practice today:

Have questions on how to get started? Email, or ask your questions in our Esri Community National Geographic MapMaker Questions board.

Visit our webpage to learn more, or launch MapMaker to start exploring