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National Geographic MapMaker - a new mapping app for schools

07-21-2023 08:02 AM
Esri Contributor
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MapMaker was launched in beta at the Esri User Conference and demoed to over 20,000 people by 6th Grade students from Foulks Ranch Elementary School


It is designed specifically for use in schools so that teachers and students can start exploring the world and  investigating maps and data immediately. It is simple to use and has specially curated map content that is relevant to a wide range of curriculum areas, along with lesson ideas and support materials. It also has a selection of innovative tools from ArcGIS that are useful in the classroom, including:




Elevation profile

2d elevation.gif


Measuring tools

yosemite height measure.gif


MapMaker will come out of beta during Geography Awareness week and GIS Day in November 2023. If you are an educator or if you know an educator who could make use of MapMaker, we are very interested in gathering  feedback on the beta version of MapMaker so that we can make the first release as useful as possible to the education community.

More information about MapMaker and a link to the app can be found on our K12 education website. Please feel free to share the link so that we can help as many schools as possible get started with MapMaker.

If you have any questions or feedback on MapMaker please email us at: