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04-26-2023 01:13 PM
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Esri Academy provides a wealth of learning resources in a variety of formats, with resources updated frequently to stay in sync with software releases.  There are several updates to Esri Academy resources we want to share to help you get the most out of the e-learning resources included in your software license.

 1. New (and Improved) e-Learning Curriculum Guides

The Higher Ed Guides to Esri E-Learning are curated lists of web courses, Learning Plans, videos and other resources designed to help you quickly find relevant resources for a specific need, such as updating your courses to include modern GIS concepts and workflows. A new guide for Planning and Geodesign has just been released, and the existing guides have all recently been updated.

2. A New Way to Learn: ArcGIS Labs

ArcGIS Labs are a new format that combines a hands-on scenario-based exercise with an assessment and certificate of completion.  They are a great way to explore new product capabilities such as spatial analysis and data science. 25 Labs are currently available and more will be added in the coming months.

3. New Learning Plan: Regression Analysis Essentials

 The new Regression Analysis Essentials learning plan equips learners to leverage the power of regression analysis and gain insights into the factors that underlie observed spatial patterns. The resources in this plan enable you and/or your students to model spatial relationships and make accurate predictions.

Learning plans provide a sequence of courses and can be assigned to students. You can start with a plan designed by Esri's curriculum team or create your own. Additional spatial data science leaning plans include Spatial Analysis and Data Science Fundamentals, ArcGIS Notebook Fundamentals, R-ArcGIS Bridge Essentials, and Deep Learning Using ArcGIS.   

4. New web course for K-12 Teachers: Data Skills for Teachers: Creating Attributes to Support Inquiry

In this course, you will learn how to add and create new attributes to a feature layer in ArcGIS Online to support student inquiry. You will also learn how to enrich layers using Esri Demographics and calculate attributes using Arcade expressions.

This is course is one of several courses and learning plans designed for teachers in K-12 education. Explore this curated list for more resources designed to introduce spatial thinking and geographic inquiry into K-12 classrooms.

5. Resources updated for ArcGIS Pro 3.1

We know it’s challenging to update your materials for new software releases. We update web courses for new software releases so you don’t have to, and 20 courses have been updated to ArcGIS Pro 3.1 as of April 26, with more on the way soon.

Find all resources available for ArcGIS Pro 3.1 with this bookmarked search.

We hope you find these highlights of recent Esri Academy update helpful. You can always find a list of new and retired training options in the Esri Academy Catalog. And if you have ideas or questions for the Esri Training team, please let us know or share them in the Esri Training Community.

Esri e-learning is included with your software license.Esri e-learning is included with your software license.



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