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07-19-2021 05:56 AM
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In colleges, schools, and informal education settings around the world, students and educators are often engaged in GIS technical training.  Whether you are a university professor teaching an intro GIS class this fall, a teacher trainer, or a youth group leader, most of us lead trainings, classes, or workshops from time to time.

Even if you already know the names of your learners before the training or not, documenting and visually presenting the learners’ report of their current knowledge can always be helpful.

l_thomas.pngThe GIS (Learner) Name Badge Generator asks learners to take a 20 item Likert-based survey and returns a graphic like the one above.  The graphic can be printed on a sticky-label and used as a name badge during the early hours (or days) of a new learning experience.  Some instructors have suggested making simple desk place cards that show a student’s badge.

If you are teaching virtually, the digital name badge can be used as a profile image – or even virtual wallpaper.

Digital name badges can also be submitted by learners as an assignment, indicating to you, the instructor, that learners have done some self-reflection in the process of completing the name badge survey.

As of July 16, 2021, the GIS Name Badge Generator is considered experimental. You and your learners are free to use it.  If you have questions or suggestions for improvements, send an email to 

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