GeoQuests: Multiple storymaps + worksheet forms

02-27-2022 10:52 AM
Esri Regular Contributor
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Ever want students to investigate multiple storymaps or maps and give them a single quiz, test, or worksheet to gauge their knowledge?  GeoQuests might be able to help.

Ms. Smith has identified two maps in the Living Atlas and one from Esri GeoInquiries that she wants her 8th grade students to study - and answer her Google Form in the process. This worksheet on climate will be assigned as homework.  She can either give the students four URLs (three maps and one Google Form) or she can give them one GeoQuest URL.

A GeoQuest acts like glue - it binds together what you have already created.  Your worksheet, quiz, or questionnaire instrument needs to be in Google Forms, Survey123, or Qualtrics.  You should set the sharing permissions such that only your students can access your form. The storymaps or maps can be shared publicly, organizationally, or within an ArcGIS Online group.  Like the form, the story map or map visibility is controlled however you (or someone else) has already set it.

This instructional utility can be useful for creating assigned readings with worksheets, quizzes or tests that rely on students interpreting multiple interactive maps. 

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