Fun with GIS 295: Setting Up ArcGIS Online for Schools

08-23-2021 05:58 AM
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Esri offers to K-12 (primary and secondary) schools a bundle of ArcGIS software titles for free for instructional use. The heart of the ArcGIS School Bundle is the ArcGIS Online Organization (the "Org").  K-12 students and teachers have been using it effectively since 2012.

The ArcGIS School Bundle has evolved over time, and so has Esri's guidance for educators. How should schools and districts arrange and use their Org to empower students and keep them digitally safe and secure in this changing world? The ArcGIS Online Orgs for K12 Schools document walks teachers, school techs, and district IT staff thru the design considerations and best practices for US-based K-12 schools and districts. This is a diverse and dynamic landscape, with students engaging at school and at home. Schools and districts adjust technology in ways large and small. The principles in this doc will help teachers and students be able to use the Org and thus the different tools in the Bundle safely and effectively.

The ArcGIS School Bundle is a remarkable instructional resource. This latest update of the "AGO Orgs for Schools" document will help educators in all settings, from newest users to those nearing a decade of experience, get the most out of their software while maintaining digital safety.



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