Fun with GIS 273: 2020 Education Summit

07-27-2020 06:00 AM
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[[Updated Aug 3, 2020 inline]]

Esri's 2020 User Conference was online and, while not quite the same as past events, was still a powerful learning experience that more than four times the normal audience attended for free. We hope Esri's 2020 Education Summit will also attract many more than usual!

EdUC schedule(All times are listed in Pacific time zone. See the online agenda for details.)

[[UPDATE: SAVE THE HOUR, Fri Aug 7 10:30-11:30amPT for K12 ZOOM MEETUP!]]

The whole event will span three days, and registrants may attend any portion of the three days. Higher ed will consume the morning hours (Pacific time) of Wed-Fri, and the portion dedicated to K12 schools will be Thu-Fri afternoons (PT).

Each segment of the K12 sessions will include content for new users and for more experienced users. We'll do our best to keep it from being a one-direction experience, with encouragement to chat and tweet, fill out surveys, engage in polls, and of course text your socially distant colleagues.

Join your many peers and meet us online at the Education Summit for a fast recharge of ideas during this remarkable time.

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