Fun with GIS 268: GIS Club Kit

05-18-2020 05:00 AM
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Coronavirus has bludgeoned social patterns. Among the victims are youth clubs and camps, scrambling to give pre-teens and young-teens a new experience, parents a break from 24x7 oversight, and young adults a key transition step into responsible adulthood. How do we foster exploration, interaction, service, and creative expression? What tools are available?

GIS Club Kit

The Esri K12 team offers a free "GIS Club Kit" to any US-based group, formal or informal, needing short-term logins to ArcGIS Online for youth instruction. Kits consist of logins for adults, logins for youth, and a secure, private group inside the K12 ArcGIS Online Org. Users can create and save content, and choose to share within the group. All have access to Map Viewer including analysis functions, plus Scene Viewer, configurable web apps, Survey123, Collector, QuickCapture, StoryMaps, Dashboard, Community Analyst, and Business Analyst … more than enough to keep one enjoyably occupied, attentively learning, and creatively building for the future.

Compare App 2D+3D views of a watershed

For instruction, there is unlimited access to K12 Org public content, Mapping Hour videos, educator GeoProjects, activities and paths from TeachGIS and Learn ArcGIS, web courses and videos on Esri Training, and GeoNet, plus the ever-expanding galaxy of authored StoryMaps (both classic and current).

Project collaboration

Want kids to make friends and a 2D/3D comparison app? Do a virtual transect of the community? Analyze the local watershed? Construct a dashboard tracking fitness activities? Craft surveys and design apps? Go spelunking in the StoryMaps archive? Explore the world? Need logins with which to do it? Sign up at

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