A 360 VR video tour of the 2023 Esri UC Expo

07-26-2023 07:37 AM
Esri Regular Contributor
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If you teach GIS in school or college, especially in Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs, a short walk-through of the Esri Expo will give students an idea of the range of technologies built on or supported by the ArcGIS platform.

Click the image below to launch the YouTube-hosted 360 degree VR video.  Be sure to use the "Gear" icon in the YouTube player to set the Quality to 4K - otherwise the exhibits are too difficult to see.

The video description includes a booth-by-booth listing at times when the camera passes it.

Screenshot 2023-07-26 at 9.28.04 AM.png


If you are an instructor, consider having each high school or college student experience the video on their own laptop, mobile device, or VR headset.  Some guiding questions may help focus the experience.

  • Name five companies
  • Identify at least three different types of companies
  • Identify at least three Esri product booths/areas.
  • Identify where the clusters of people are.
  • Are there organizations that align with your current interests or work?

Lastly, remember that while the expo hall is large, well over 350,000 organizations globally use ArcGIS.  The video shows less than 1% of organizations using GIS.