2020 Esri User Conference: Information for Educators and Students

05-18-2020 08:33 AM
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As you are aware, the 2020 Esri User Conference is moving to a virtual format.  The event will include Plenary sessions, technical workshops, user sessions, an Expo, and unique networking events. It will take place July 13-15.

Registration will be complimentary for all Esri customers with current licenses/maintenance. In addition, it will be free for all currently enrolled students and 2020 graduates, regardless of whether their institution has Education Program licenses.

This FAQ provides additional details about registration policies and the event format.

Please socialize this broadly across your campus community, as this is a great opportunity to broaden GIS knowledge and learn new skills.

Below is a list of commonly asked questions:

Q: Can really anyone at my institution attend?

A: Yes. Institutions with a current Education Program license may register an unlimited number of participants (e.g., Education Institution Agreement/Site License, Academic Department license/Lab Kit, Administrative Use Department license, Schools Bundle). This means ANYONE in your institution can attend.


Q: Do I need to provide our institution’s Customer Number to register?

A: Yes, a Customer Number is needed for full-conference access for faculty and staff.  This video walks through the registration process.

However, students can register for full-conference access without a customer number - see next question for details on student registration.  In addition, anyone can register for the Plenary session only without a Customer Number.   


Q: I am a student at an institution which does not have an Education program license or would like to register independent of my institution with Education program license.

A: Any student or 2020 graduate can attend the Virtual UC for free.  This video walks through the process, or you can follow these instructions:  1. Go to www.esri.com/uc and click on Registration.  2. Click Register now under the heading Student access.  3. Log in with an Esri Account.  (If you do not have an Esri Account, create a Public Esri Account.) 4. The Virtual UC Student access rate will be selected. Please send proof of enrollment to confregis@esri.com. Proof of enrollment can be a photo/screenshot of your most recent course schedule or student ID card (with a date of issue or expiration date). 5. Complete the Personal Information section. 6. Review and accept the policies and submit your registration.

 Q: Is it OK to provide my Customer Number to everyone at my institution and do I need to provide special instructions?

A: Yes, please share your Customer Number with your users across campus. Some of your users may already be linked to your Customer Number in MyEsri.  For these users, the Customer Number will automatically populate when they log into their ArcGIS account to register for the conference. 

If the Customer Number does not automatically populate, the user should enter it manually during the registration process.  The user may then be instructed to request permission to connect their ArcGIS account to the university’s customer account through MyEsri.  

The MyEsri administrator determines what permissions to grant, so providing someone with your Customer Number does not automatically provide access to all licenses or to Technical Support. 

Q: Can I get a list of users who have registered under my customer number?

A: Yes, on MyEsri there is an Events tab that shows a quick summary of who has registered under your customer number.  There also is a more detailed report available under the Reports tab.

On the Events tab, the section showing Complimentary UC Registration should be ignored for this virtual offering, since complimentary UC Registrations are unlimited.

Note: Students who register under the Student rate will not appear in these reports.

Q: Is the Education Summit taking place?

A: The Education Summit will be moved to a later date.  Details about the schedule and format will be shared as they become available.

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