DevSummit 2018 Day One Updates

03-06-2018 07:55 PM
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DevSummit kicked off pre-summit activities on Saturday, March 3rd with a 3-day SAP-Esri hack-a-thon when Team Brontosaurus took home the grand prize for their creative use of SAP and Esri tools using microscopes and machine learning to detect bacteria in drinking water. The hack-a-thon began on Saturday at the Riviera Hotel in Palm Springs, California. They were joined by several others from Critigen, Southern California Edison, UC Santa Barbara, Bolt Geographics and several other representatives from Esri Partners. 

Team Brontosaurus takes home the grand prize at the SAP-Esri Hack-a-thon
SAP-Esri Hack-a-thon

On Monday, March 5th, Jack Dangermond announced this year's Esri Partner Conference winners at the EPC plenary.

2018 Esri Partner Conference Award Winners

  • Being Release Ready - Staying aligned with the latest releases of the ArcGIS Platform
  • Bringing Insights Implementing Systems of Insight
  • Creating Realistic Context Producing 3D content and analysis for realistic context
  • Delivering in Real-Time Delivering real-time capabilities using the ArcGIS Platform
  • Driving Enterprise Platform Adoption 
  • Engaging Communities Working with governments and nonprofits to support community engagements and initiatives. 
  • Innovating Solutions with New Capabilities Leveraging the latest capabilities of the ArcGIS Platform to create innovative solutions.
  • Leading Web.  GIS Transformations Leading customers through their transition to Web GIS.
  • Partnering to Lead New Strategies Leading the market for new strategies, preparing the market, and implementing for success.
  • Partnering to Lead New Strategies Leading the market for new strategies, preparing the market, and implementing for success.
  • Quick to Market Configuring capabilities of the ArcGIS Platform to quickly develop and deliver new point solutions to market.
  • Taking GIS to the Field Implementing mobile solutions leveraging ArcGIS Apps for the Field.
  • Turning Pro Transitioning products and services to ArcGIS Pro.


Other activities included pre-summit sessions, including a session with Christopher Catania‌ and Sandi Peterson‌ sharing the top ten tips for building online communities, which included learnings and experiences from growing the GeoNet community.  

Day one of the 2018 Esri DevSummit kicked off with the plenary live blogged by the GeoNet Team:

The day continued as new and current members stopped by the GeoNet showcase area to sign-up, give feedback on the future GeoNet homepage, pick up some swag, share success stories and get tips and tricks from Michelle Mathias. It was great to spend time talking with Jeff PaceRobert Scheitlin, GISP‌, Rebecca Strauch, GISP‌, and Blake Terhune‌, Stacey E Crowe,   and Nick Floersch‌. And we hope to see more of you during the week! 

The day wrapped as Speedgeeking sessions sped through various developer projects and topics in the Santa Rosa room.

Check out the video of the most recent excitement from DevSummit below:


We almost forgot one more fun part of the Monday pre-DevSummit events. Lightning Talks.

What are the Lightning Talks? The Lightning Talks are 5-minute user submitted presentations showcasing successes in GIS with Esri products. Monday’s Lightning talks featured numerous presentations from Esri customers and partners. They included stories, fascinating facts and intriguing uses of GIS.

Professor Yu Zhou teaches Geography at Bowling Green State University and uses the ArcGIS mobile apps and story maps to engage his geography students.

Professor Yu Zhou at Lightning Talks

“With story maps on cell phones…it is a great way to improve teaching geography…Not difficult to make.”

Raj Singh, IBM, shared a presentation using machine learning platforms to speed up the development of ArcGIS Applications using IBM Data Science.

Raj Signh Lightning Talk Presenter

And that's a wrap for today! We couldn't get to it all, so tell us what you loved and learned the most today in the comments below. Thanks for sharing the day with us!


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