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Legend "Show Feature Count" options will only export as 1 for all attributes, not true value

10-12-2017 06:49 AM
New Contributor

I'm working with Arcmap 10.4.1, and when I use the Legend properties option "Show Feature Class", the count shows up correctly initially, but when I go to export as a PDF, the count refreshes to "1" count for every symbology attribute, and also exports that way.

I'm aware I can just write in the count in the label, but this can take an exorbitant amount of time when I'm working with many symbology types. Is there an easy fix to this issue?

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I'm having this issue also.  My legend feature counts are accurate before exporting the map to a jpeg, but once exported, all the feature class counts on the legend are "1".  As a work around, I have converted the legend to graphic, so the feature counts are correct and static.  Not ideal, but at least it doesn't involve typing in all the feature counts.

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Also having this problem in 10.3.1.  Thought I'd just remove the layer from the legend, and re-add it.  Seemed to fix it, but upon export the feature count went to one (should be 16).

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