Disconnect SDE Connection in Pro

07-23-2018 07:01 AM
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From my testing of various versions of Pro (1.4 through to 2.2), it appears that you cannot disconnect from SDE once you have connected to an SDE database.  Currently the only way to truly disconnect from SDE connections in Pro is to close the ArcPro app altogether.  Now this seems like it might be problematic when Pro is used for SDE administrative tasks where not being able to disconnect from SDE could cause SDE locks for admin SDE tools.  Is this current architecture by design and will persist in future versions of Pro? 

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Related, ENH-000114150 [Enhancement] Provide DBMS connectivity error notification when drawing in ArcGIS Pro session after the connection has been terminated to underlying enterprise geodatabase. This arose out of some issue causing SDE to be disconnected while Pro is open (e.g network outage), which is a very common occurrence. 

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...However, in 2.2 you can "disconnect your self" by going into Connection properties and removing what you "think" is your connection (among many, in my case, I guessed right). There needs to be a very clear connect and disconnect feature. 

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What user connection were you using when you were able to access the Connection properties of an SDE connection in Pro?  Testing at my org that is an Oracle shop for GIS data shows that only the SDE (Database owner) connection can even access the Connections tab (The Locks tab appears to be available for all users).

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Thats expected.

Manage connections to Oracle—Manage geodatabases in Oracle | ArcGIS Desktop 

You can connect to the geodatabase as the geodatabase administrator in ArcGIS Pro to view connections from within the Geodatabase Administration dialog box.

The geodatabase administrator in Oracle—Manage geodatabases in Oracle | ArcGIS Desktop 

The same was the case with ArcGIS Desktop.

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Thanks for the helpful links.

As a person who is knowledgable about SDE geodatabases, you would agree that sorting in the Geodatabase Administration screen in Pro (as can be done in ArcMap) is an important feature for the SDE Administrator as per following GeoNet thread:


This task would be especially important if you are trying to disconnect a user from SDE using Pro, which is the topic of this thread.

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It shows that the Idea is In Product Plan  but that doesn't tell us in which version of Pro ERSI plans to make it available.  That's a pet peeve of the Ideas labeling.  something can be "In Product Plan" but take 2 or more years before it's available.

Sort Parameters in Geodatabase Administration Screen in Pro

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This issue still exists in Pro 2.5, will it ever be fixed?  There should be an easy way to disconnect from an enterprise geodatabase.

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agree, it seems like I need to have a separate admin aprx with my database owner connections because having my personal user connections are causing locks when in the same aprx and trying to do admin work. I wish I could just disconnect and get a red X on the connection again like in ArcCatalog

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The ability to explicitly connect, re-connect and re-fresh SDE connections is absolutely needed in ArcGIS Pro as it was in ArcDeskop/Map/Catalog!    I find this especially true in the age of working from home more often/all of the time. The variability and potential ways to get disconnected from your database server, even for a brief moment, are much more common (VPN, remote desktops, home WiFI, etc.). ArcMap handles this like a champ and seems to get hung up less often - if it does, the right-click connection tools work great. The ability to refresh the top-level Folder or DB folders is also missed.

Currently I am using ArcGIS Pro 2.5 and manage/interact with a wide variety of SDE Oracle, Postgres and FGDB connections for basic data displaying/reading in addition to higher level SDE-admin tasks. I find once a connection is interrupted while Pro is opened, it throws a fit and reports a general connection error/exception while showing a red "! " next to the name in the Catalog pane. The only way to re-establish the connection is to close and re-open the Project, if it doesn't freeze up all together mandating a force-quite/end-task. 

If there are workarounds or parallel solutions to the above that I am missing in ArcGIS Pro please let me know. My transition to Pro is decent overall and I like some aspects of it... but every week it seems I find a new, wonky bug (feature?) affecting core functionality.