Where did it go?

09-25-2020 08:25 AM
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Where did it go?

Looking for a place or post you once accessed in the old GeoNet and not sure where it is in the new GeoNet Community?

As part of the migration to a new community platform, we took the opportunity to cleanup, consolidate, streamline our community content and places. Here is a quick reference guide on what went where. For an overview of how the new community is structured at launch, check out this document: Community Structure - November 2020‌.

Old GeoNet CommunityNew Community 
AnalysisMoved to Spatial Data Science
3D Cities / campusesMoved to a board within the 3D place
3D mappingMoved to 3D place
AngularJSMerged into the ArcGIS API for JavaScript
Arc Hydro & Hydro spaces Moved to Water Resources (in Industries)
ArcGIS App for Smartphone and TabletsArchived
ArcGIS Configuration and PerformanceMigrated current content into ArcGIS Pro, archived older content
ArcGIS Desktop TrainingMigrated current content to ArcGIS Pro, archived older content
ArcGIS for Windows Store AppsArchived
ArcGIS Notebooks BetaArchived
ArcGIS Online TemplatesMerged content with ArcGIS Configurable Apps
ArcGIS Platform and Transport Lager Security (TLS 1.2)Archived
ArcGIS Pro TasksMerged content with ArcGIS Pro
ArcGIS Server (10.0 and prior)Moved current posts to ArcGIS Enterprise Place, in the Publishing and Managing Services Questions
ArcGIS Server on Microsoft AzureMoved to ArcGIS Enterprise, Cloud Questions board, MS Azure Label
ArcGIS Server Performance and High AvailabilityMoved to ArcGIS Enterprise, Board for High Availability
ArcGIS Server ArcGIS Online Collector IntegrationMoved posts to related places, archived group
ArcGIS Server with JavaScript APIMerge into ArcGIS API for JavaScript
ArcGIS Solutions for Protected Area ManagementMoved recent blog to Conservation blog board, archive rest of content
Big DataMerged content into ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Server
CityEngine and UnityMoved under CityEngine place, as a board
CityEngine Rule of the WeekMoved under CityEngine with a label for Rule of the Week
Classic Esri Story MapsMoved under ArcGIS StoryMaps place as a question board
Conservation GIS (and all projects under this group)Moved to Conservation place in Industries
Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)Moved to a user group (with same name)
Data Quality Managementmigrate current posts to Implementing ArcGIS, archived older
Data Science Migrate content to: Spatial Data Science
Department of TransportationMigrate content to Transportation place, into Roads and Highways board
DevSummit ArcGIS Runtime Live Q&A Move content into ArcGIS Runtime SDK Place
Esri Education Licensing ProgramMoved to Higher Education (in Education Place) as a Label
Esri + SAP togetherArchived
Facilities GIS User GroupMoved to Administration as a label (Under Education)
Geo Developers or Developer CommunitiesNew name; Developers - General
Geospatial ViewerArchived
Global ContentMerged content into ArcGIS Living Atlas 
GovernmentMerged into State and Local Government
Holistic TestingGeoNet Group archived, find new site here: https://www.esri.com/en-us/holistic-testing
Managing DataRenamed Data Management
GeodatabaseMoved under Data Management,  as Geodatabase Questions Board
Map Advice CommunityMoved under Mapping
Map ProjectionsMoved under Mapping
Maritime and Remote Sensing GISMerged with ArcGIS Maritime
New to GISMigrated to a user group
Place Owner Resource HubArchived, new place manager resources in Community Basics Help Docs
Portal for ArcGISMoved to a board under ArcGIS Enterprise
Real-Time & Big Data GISMigrate content to ArcGIS GeoEvent Server
ArcGIS Runtime SDKs SpacesEach SDK has a board within ArcGIS Runtime SDK place
Server Object Extensions & Server Object InterceptorsMoved under ArcGIS Enterprise - renamed Extensibility 
Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI)Moved from group into a place in Industries
Urban and Regional PlanningMoved under State and Local Government, name updated to: Community Development
What's New in ArcGIScurrent content moved, rest archived, place deleted


Open Platform, Standards and Interoperability

Re worked into the following new places: 

ArcGIS Data  Interoperability

Standards Compliance

Open and Interoperable

ArcGIS Open Data Community

merged into ArcGIS Hub

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