Esri Community 2021 Year-end Report

01-27-2022 08:49 AM
Esri Community Team
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It was another exciting year in Esri Community. Come along as we look back at 2021’s metrics and highlights.  

2021 Metrics

During 2021 we welcomed 64,900 new community members, which increased our total members to 260,000. Overall, new registrations were 26% higher when compared 2020. Esri Community averaged 50,500 member logins each month. Collectively members spent 5.7 million minutes online, which was an average of 40 minutes per member. 

Customers submitted 2,008 new ideas across the ArcGIS Ideas Exchanges, and Esri Community received 8.3 million visits, with 64% coming from international visitors. When it comes to searching, 94% of searches resulted in successful searches. 

For 2021, we had more than 18,000 new questions, with 39% marked as Accepted Solutions, and combined 64% answered by Esri staff and community MVPs, which account for 1.32% of the entire community members. We had 6,800 Accepted Solutions and 4.5 million views of Accepted Solutions.  

How quickly did we respond to questions? We averaged 918 minutes to the first reply of a new question, which is under 24 hours per question.  

At the individual place level, Top places for Accepted Solutions for all of 2021: 

  • ArcGIS Pro (1188): 40% 
  • ArcGIS Survey123 (816): 48% 
  • ArcGIS API for JavaScript (441): 37% 
  • ArcGIS Online (418): 29% 
  • ArcGIS Enterprise (406): 36% 


Quick tips:  

2021 Esri Community highlights 

It was a momentous year for our Esri Community. We received industry recognition and successfully launched new programs and initiatives. We are proud to share these accomplishments with you.   

2021 Esri Community Contest winners 

We congratulate all the winners and their contributions to the community throughout 2021. Check out the full blog post and share a shout to your fellow community members!  

This wraps up our 2021 Year-End report. Again, I feel like I say it every year, but it was another truly remarkable year for our Esri Community, and we are excited about what lies ahead. We thank you always for your time and support in building relationships and adding value to Esri Community! 

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I lead the Esri Community Team and oversee the Esri Community strategy. Thank you for being here with us and I look forward to serving and connecting with you here in the community!