Celebrating One Year on Esri Community

11-12-2021 08:38 AM
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Esri Community Team
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One year ago today we launched our new Esri Community. It's been an inspiring year and we wanted to say, “Thank you!” to everyone who was there on launch day last year and everyone who has joined and has been contributing ever since. We could not have had such a great year without you.  It’s been an honor and a pleasure to see all your questions, answers and ideas shared across the community. You inspire us every day with your insight, knowledge and generosity to help and desire to collaborate with each other. To celebrate this special moment, we’re having some fun with a new community badge, giving you a way to share your ideas to improve Esri Community, and inviting you to share your most meaningful and memorable stories from this past year.  Thanks for joining in and celebrating with us on this special day! 



New Idea Exchange in Community Basics

 Beginning today we are launching the very first Idea Exchange for Esri Community. Previously we were taking your feedback on the Community Feedback board and on the Known Issues and Enhancements document. Now you’ll be able to submit your ideas directly into an idea exchange where they can be reviewed, voted on and receive status updates.  Learn more about the new Esri Community Idea Exchange and share your ideas today!  



Year-One Badge: Released today, all members who logged on during our first year will receive a special Year-One-Badge which will be added to your list of community badges in your profile section. Learn more about how to contribute and earn badges. 


Share your Year-One stories and shout-outs   

It wouldn’t be Esri Community without you, so we invite you to share how Esri Community has helped you this past year in the comments below.  

  • Let us know...how has someone helped you find a solution? How have the ArcGIS Idea Exchanges empowered you to share your Esri software and product ideas?   
  • Give a shout-out to a fellow Esri user or Esri staff who made a difference for you this year in the community? Share your story and give them a virtual high-five below!  


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I lead the Esri Community Team and oversee the Esri Community strategy. Thank you for being here with us and I look forward to serving and connecting with you here in the community!