Community Guide to Badges

09-24-2020 12:32 PM
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Community Guide to Badges

What are Badges

Badges are fun reward for participating in the community. The more you participate the more badges you will earn. Many of the badges are part of a series, whereas you take that action more you work up the badge levels.


Where to find your badges

From your profile, your two most recent badges will show here, with a view all badges link.

Click on the view all badges link to see the full badge page. Badges you have earned will be solid color on your badge page, those still to earn will be greyed out until earned.  Click on each badge to see the action required to earn it.

You can view other community members badges from their profile.

Other places in the community you will see your badges: in your notifications page, as you earn new badges, they will appear here. 


Badge Details*



Additional Unique, one-time badges you may see in the community:


New Complex Badges added summer 2023: 


more to come....  Esri Community Update: Introducing New Badges - Esri Community




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So, I get badges based on the old platform?

I just logged in to the new forum for the first time and I already have 23 badges??

(but not able to upload images, is this per topic?)


anyway, good to see the community is up and running again.

Is there any way I can turn them off for my account?

It looks like you can't give votes for earlier comments, but I would support the option to turn them off for an account.

Sorry for the delay in spotting your question, @bradenmiller! There isn't currently a way to turn off badges for an individual account. It's a system-wide feature that applies to all accounts.

I don't understand the point of badges are their extra perks to earn? It makes me feel like I'm in kindergarten trying to earn a gold star for a lollipop at the end of the week lol With that being said, if I have a personal account and a work account and I make a comment do they both get badges? Do badges transfer if you use a different account?

Hi there! I get where you're coming from regarding the badges. While they
might seem a bit like kindergarten rewards, they can have some benefits.
Badges often highlight your contributions and expertise, helping others
recognize your involvement in a community.

As for your question, badges are typically tied to individual accounts. So,
if you have a personal and a work account, they would likely have separate
badge progress. Badges usually don't transfer between accounts. Each
account is treated independently.

Feel free to ask if you have any more questions or if there's anything else
you're curious about

Hi @SYOCSan, to confirm what @imanebenromdhane had shared: Badges are tied to individual accounts and actions taken on one won't reflect in another. Acknowledging your feelings about the badge system, we understand that not everyone experiences the same fun or motivation from it. Totally fine! We also hear from many folks that do enjoy it and find that the system spurs them on to participate even more. If that happens to not the case for you, then please feel free to ignore it. In the end, Esri Community is truly about the value of knowledge sharing, mutual support, and advancing the future of GIS. All the best!

Thank you very much for your response. I completely understand your
perspective on badges, and I agree that they can be an encouragement for
some. I wholeheartedly agree with the idea that the essence of the Esri
community lies in the sharing of knowledge, mutual support, and the
promotion of the future of GIS. I will continue to contribute positively to
this knowledge exchange. In fact, I am keeping track of the number of
badges I have received, and one of my goals is to earn more badges, as I
mentioned before (a few months ago).

I can understand why some people don't like the badges, but I just want to voice my support for the badge program - I do actually enjoy getting them and seeing myself get "farther up," and funnily enough it does offer extra motivation to me!  🙂  I think it's a fun idea.

@AllenDailey1 Thanks for taking a moment to share a bit about how the badge program adds fun and motivation to your Esri Community experience! If you haven't already seen, be sure to check out the monthly new badge releases we announced for most of the 2nd half of 2023 in our Community Updates.

Allow me to reiterate a sentiment I've expressed before and stand by firmly
– badges serve as powerful motivators propelling us forward. On a personal
level, I've set clear objectives for myself, specifying both the numerical
target and the particular badge I aspire to achieve. These goals not only
fuel my determination but also provide a tangible framework for my progress

Thanks for expressing your appreciation for the badge system, @imanebenromdhane, and for explaining how it improves your own Esri Community experience. We're glad to hear it! 

I have looked at the badges of other members to better understand their familiarity with Esri and it helps me know how to take their advice.  Of course, it is not a tell all, but does provide more information about who I'm talking to.

Thank you sincerely for your positive feedback. I am convinced that
implementing the badge system is a commendable initiative. Wishing you a
wonderful year ahead in 2024
Personally, I make every effort to promptly respond to emails, provide
assistance wherever possible, and contribute by publishing events, maps,
and more. In essence, I diversify my activities, leaving it to those in
charge to determine whether I deserve badges or not. I believe in letting
my actions speak for themselve
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