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Rubbersheeting TIN Help!

01-18-2021 08:42 AM
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Hi,  I would like to know wath happens to the points outside the TIN in Rubber Sheeting.

How does the tool create DX and DY difference TINs in areas where there in no change in coordinates.  I have this doubt because I need to control the movement of that Data to use later in Model Builder.

ArcGIS Concept: 



2021-01-18 13_29_24-Test_CG_v2.mxd - ArcMap.png

In my case I don't have Identity Likns in the data but I can see that the nodes that are outside the TIN (which I generate manually) move and I don't know why? Can you help me understand the movement of these points outside the triangulation?

If you have any information on how temporary TINs works internally and what surface area they use extent they use please let me kwon. Thanks. Im very attentive

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