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Raster dataset stretch type

01-18-2021 02:24 PM
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Hi all,

I have a big data set that represents the amount of net primary production of the area. I would like to compare two main raster datasets but when I add same symbology properties they look pretty much the same. I tried every stretch type but I think I need to set custom properties so that I can emphasize the difference between the two. 

I would like to know your opinions for these two raster datasets stretch type? Can you suggest one?

Thank you,


1.JPG2.JPGEkran Alıntısı.JPG

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Set your own class breaks so that the full min to max of both datasets are covered

eg 200-250, 250-300, 350-400, 400-450, 450-500 (perhaps at 25 unit increments.)

You will see the "shift" in the median and a "compression/expansion" in the range

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