ArcGIS Desktop 10.6.1- BUG Causes Crash

07-30-2018 08:12 AM
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I have a file geodatabase with a point ferature class. One of the fields in the FC is a raster type.

when adding a .png file to the raster field and clicking save edits ArcMap crashes (100% of the time)

is this a bug or a an issue with my setup

Win10 64bit -OS

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My Arcmap 10.6.1 crashes whenever I use the "Select Features" tool and select more than 5 features.

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My ArcGIS Desktop application also crashes when I select more than 5 features. This is such a basic and ubiquitous function that I'm sure ESRI has recieved 100's of reports by now. This issue really complicates my workflow in Arc and results in me selecting desired features in QGIS and then bringing them into arc once saved.

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Hi Joe Head and Michael Stranovsky I would recommend opening a support case with technical support to have an analyst look into these issues for you in detail. This may be the fastest and best course of action.

--- George T.
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I'm running into what sounds like the same situation where ArcMap 10.6.1 is consistently crashing on me during simple feature selection tasks.  For me it hasn't been a 5 feature limit, it happens during any number of different scenarios - both within edit sessions as well as outside of edit sessions.

Has anyone in this thread heard anything from Tech support?


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Same situation for me...simple interactive features selection.

Open a thread for this: ArcMap crashes when make multiple selections sequentially 


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no it seems 10.6.1 is just unstable in this approach, selecting features is not causing my ArcMap to crash though, only the raster field types.

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The issue with crashing when selecting a few features in ArcMap will be fixed by installing the following patch:

ArcGIS 10.6.1 (Desktop, Engine, Server) Buffering Degenerated Polygon Patch 

I am not sure whether it will fix your issue with raster field types however.

Christine Dartiguenave

Esri Water Resources Team

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This was the answer to our problems:-) Thanks!

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Do you know if this would also fix crashing that occurs in 10.6.1 while cutting/splitting polygons or polylines? This has been occurring to multiple users in our office for both shapefiles and geodb feature classes. It can even occur in a brand new map with only one layer and only one polygon.

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