ArcMap's html popup won't launch document

03-15-2019 04:00 PM
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Hello, I am new here and need a little help. I have one ArcMap desktop 10.4 user that cannot get her html tool to launch the .pdf.


I have installed ArcMap desktop 100 times and never had this problem. Our IT department states the machines are all set up the same so it can’t be a setting issue.


Here are some things I know:

   -IT states this computer is set up identical to all others that run successfully.

   -We use the html pop up on our “Structure”  and “Parcel” Layers. It works with everyone but hers. 

   -She can use the html popup tool but it will not launch the .pdf in internet explorer like all other machines

    -After the initial install I can launch the html ONCE and it works (successfully launching .pdf with IE).

    -I can restart ArcMap a few times and get the one initial launch and then it quits all together. (the tool will not launch          the .pdf)

    -I have uninstalled completely ArcMap and it will work once again like the above mention.

    -I have tested other known–to-work scrips with no help.

    -Using other known successful .mxds do not solve the problem.

    -I have tried creating from scratch a new .mxd and it still does not work.

    -IT has looked to make sure her setting with Adobe and IE are the same across machines.

    -We have made sure extensions are opened with the correct application.

    -I have match ArcMap Options with other known successful users with no improvement.

    -We have tested other successful scripts with no luck in getting it to launch.  


Is there something I am missing? Is there something else I can check?  I know the script is fine and feel like ArcMap will not correctly launch the .pdf.

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