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07-20-2021 03:04 PM
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We would like to change the Assignment symbology for the Workforce Workers app for Assignments that have a Status of 'Assigned' and a Priority of 'Critical' so that these assignments are more visible on the mobile app for workers.

We use the following arcade expression to add the new status value (for symbology purposes) and then symbolize in the Workers map.  This result meets our expectations when viewing the Worker map in the map viewer, but when opening the Workforce project on a mobile device, the symbol next to the assignment in the assignment list is not present.  

Just wondering if it is even possible to manipulate the symbols in the Workforce Workers App?


 - Jake




function calcSymbolClass(status, priority)
if (status == 1 && priority == 4) {
return 7;
} else {
return status;

calcSymbolClass($feature.status, $feature.priority);


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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi Jake,

This isn't currently supported in the mobile app.

Please reach out on email with your use case, would be good to get this into our backlog so we can evaluate adding this support in the roadmap.


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Thanks Craig, email has been sent...

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