Do I have to assign a worker to an assignment?

09-14-2022 07:47 AM
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I work in the water industry and I am working on creating a workforce for our field crews to check unknown service line materials. This type of work is one of those jobs that they do when they have free time and its not for a specific person to be assigned. Is there a way were I can have all these assignments unassigned and when one of the multiple field guys has free time they can go in and select one without it being assigned? I tried researching this and could not find anything on it. We really want to use workforce for this but having to assign each of these tasks to a specific person would not work for this application. We need our guys to be able to grab jobs from a list dependent on their free time and their current location in our service area. 

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If you do not need/want to use the assignments feature of Workforce it would probably make more sense to just use FieldMaps as users can only see Assignments assigned to them on the Workforce mobile app. The feature layer structure of a workforce project could easily be replicated and used in FieldMaps. The onyl reason I have not done this is because our users like the Dekstop web app interface of Workforce. 


If your users are using the desktop web app then you do not need to assign Assignments. Workers can grab them as needed.