Can custom fields be added to the assignment layer?

11-22-2016 06:39 PM
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Hi all.

Can you, or is it on the radar, to be able to add custom fields to an assignment layer?

We currently have a point feature class of our own that we use as our jobs layer to track work. We have a whole bunch of extra fields, probably quite specific to our needs, but that help us track, filter and report on the jobs. We use Collector and web apps, ops dashboard etc to update and view these jobs.

e.g. Not only a work order, but we include a reference to the property (e.g. farm or orchard) that the job relates to. We have own our jobid, but also a field for the purchase order from the client. We have job notes fields for internal and client purposes, invoicing status, supply regions, etc etc.

I realize that many users would have some external enterprise job tracking system and simply tie the two together via the 'external work order' field. But of course then the user also has to implement systems to coordinate jobs and their status between the two systems.

My preference would rather be the ability to add custom fields to the assignment layer itself. Preferably, users could update these custom fields within Workforce itself.

I'm trying to avoid the complexity of maintaining multiple datasets/tables/features where ever possible.

I guess the questions are:

  • Is there any reason why custom fields could *not* be a feature in Workforce?
  • Is there a manual way to add custom fields, some sort of work around?



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Thank you for the quick response Craig! Good to know!

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Hi @CraigGillgrass , was any progress ever made on this?



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No, we haven't made progress on this.  However, supporting the ability to add your own fields to the Assignments feature service is on our roadmap to support when Workforce is included in Field Maps. That work is currently scheduled for 2023.

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Do you update those custom fields via python?  I have added custom fields to the assignments layer and have a .set_value function that says it sets the value of my custom field but actually never does. 


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