Bulk loading of Assignment Types?

01-11-2017 01:18 PM
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I was wondering if anyone has been able to load Assignment types from CSV yet? I'm not trying to load Assignments by CSV. There is a a script for that. What I'm looking to do is edit the "Domain" that has the Assignment Code and Descriptions.

The reason behind this is because within workforce we have only one type of work being conducted. Which is power line inspections. Since the work ID doesn't show up in the open project page it makes differentiating the different power lines the crews will be working on difficult. So we would like to be able to add the actual Power Line names to the Assignment Types so the name of the power line will show up without having to tap on the assignment to see the work ID.

We could input the information by hand however the problem is that there are thousands of power lines that need to be inspected. It would be really nice if there was a way to automate it.

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First to answer the question... although we did not automate it, we were successful in altering the assignment types domain through the admin functions of the rest endpoint. In the most basic terms we updated the list by posting a json object representing the revised definition of the feature service.


Pick your favorite language that can hit the rest endpoint and go crazy with automation (not sure ESRI would recommend this exactly... but it is possible).

Now 10,000 Assignment Types sounds like an awfully big domain to me, so...

We took a different approach to a similar problem. We needed a way to associate our daily assignments with the larger construction project that the work is for. We choose to highjack the location field instead. We picked this field because it is searchable and visible on the header of the assignment in the todo list. We could get away with it because our assignments are not created in the dispatch website which sets the point geometry and location text in the same control. Instead we generated the records in other systems and add them to the assignment feature layer through the rest endpoint.


End result is the work can now filter for the data we shove into the location field (Project ID, Title, Drawing Set ID, etc).

Hey! Craig Gillgrass‌ - This sounds like another user that could use an expanded "custom" field to better categorize their assignments. Wink Wink Nudge Nudge.

- Glen