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Workflow tool

07-14-2010 05:56 AM
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Did anyone worked with the Census LUCA Project? The reason I am asking is because I need to know how the GIS LUCA/BAS Extension was developed. What kind of programming language, extension was used to develop the panel they had describing the step-by-step instructions? How can you create a similar tool, where the user needs to complete a task before been able to go to the next step? It had a functionality that worked as follows: you started on step one and if this step was not completed, the next step was disabled? I will appreciate any help in regards to this matter. Thanks!!
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I actually worked on the LUCA\BAS tools! It was developed using VB6, it is an ArcGIS Extension that was developed to help users updated their addresses following the guidelines of the Census Bureau. The workflow in that extension gets checked when a corresponding command on the toolbar is clicked. It doesn't enforce any form of security beyond that.
So if you click a command on a toolbar, we mark it as done.
I hope this helps.

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