Missing privileges in WMX

12-17-2013 05:26 AM
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Recently we upgrade from JTX 3.x to WMX 10.2.  After some problems with the post-installation we managed to succesfuly upgrade with the help of ESRI support.  So far we haven't found problems althouth we are still testing the upgraded workflows and other job components.  We did found that there are some privileges documented in the help file that are not present in the application.  Some of these privileges are required to take advantage of WMX functionality like being able to re-open closed jobs, recreate workflows or export job files for example.  The following are the privileges missing in the application that are mentioned in the help file???

??? AOIOverlapOverride
??? CanRecreateWorkflow
??? CanReopenClosedJobs
??? CanSubscribeToNotifications
??? CanUpdateUserProfile
??? ExportJobs
??? ManageReplication

We are not sure if this means there was an issue with the post-installation, functionallity not yet implemented but documented or something else.  Any help is appreciated...
Ulises Feliciano Troche
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For those missing privileges, you can create them manually in the Administrator but make sure it matches the case as documented in the help.
Alternatively, you can use the import configuration to merge the minimum configuration to your existing Workflow configuration.
Here is the link to the help on how to merge configurations.


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