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JTX Custom Step Question

01-17-2012 12:25 PM
Occasional Contributor II

I have an easy question, but I have not been able to find any documentation on creating and deploying custom jtx custom-steps for an answer. 

I have been told that a custom custom-step must be deployed on every client machine who will use the workflow in which the custom custom-step is used.  That is, the .dll is not maintained in a single, central location for a workflow, but must be distributed everywhere?  Is this true? (Oh, this is for version 9.3.1.)

Any help is appreciated.

And if anyone knows where I can find documentation about the JTX/workflow manager api and deploying custom steps, I'd really appreciate that information, too.

Thank you.

Mary Ellen
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Hi Mary Ellen,

No matter whether you're using JTX 9.3.1 or Workflow Manager 10, any custom steps that are called from the desktop application need to be registered with each user's computer. The custom steps that have been registered with your machine are those that show up in the Workflow Manager Administrator application when you attempt to configure a new Step Type that uses a Custom Step Object. 

Anytime you install Workflow Manager/JTX the SDK is also installed.  On a 64-bit machine you can find this at C:\Program Files (x86)\JTX\Developer Kit.  Included here is the Desktop Developer help as well as sample code for custom steps. 

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