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change status from closed to done working

01-19-2018 06:49 AM
New Contributor II


Is there a way to change the status of your job from closed back to done working?

I have a series of child jobs that have processed and some of them have the status of done working while others have closed . I want to change them all to status of Done working? Is this possible? I can see that I can reopen the closed job but I can't seem to interact with it once its reopened?



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Esri Contributor

Hi Ciara,

If you are trying to change the job status for currently existing jobs, I do not have a good solution. Re-opening closed job only allows you to be able to interact with the job again such as editing job properties. However the job cannot be re-run. 

If you try to keep the future child jobs from being closed after execution, you need to make sure unchecking the option to Auto close jobs when workflow complete. You can do it in Administrator - System settings - Workflow tab. 

Hope this help. Feel free to share your thoughts. I would like to know more of your job workflows and we may be able to come up with a better idea.